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I just wanted to thank you for such a fabulous class this evening.

The atmosphere in the room with the lighting and oils was so relaxing and you have a truly lovely, gentle teaching style. I have done the odd yoga class in the past but I never really enjoyed them very much and so didn’t continue. Tonight’s class was a revelation to me that I could enjoy yoga practise so much. I haven’t exercised in 5 years (and 2 children!) and my poor body has been very low on my list of priorities for a long time. I walked out of your class feeling physically and mentally relaxed which was an amazing feeling – thank you. I will definitely be making your class a regular weekly thing and I am already looking forward to the next class. See you next week!

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I use Hannah’s Yoga Nidra often to help me wind down from a hectic day. The guided body scan connects my breath to the body and I find it much easier to relax. So much so I have trouble staying awake during the rest of the lovely visualisations! Much recommended for those who need a kind, gentle guide back to the heart and body.

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Thanks so much for yesterday. Am really enjoying it, and also appreciating your little instructions – I am totally new to Yoga as you can probably tell so it all helps.



I just love your newsletters, so informative and enlightening! Thank you! See you in class very soon. Love, Lisa x


Read them here: http://www.senseyoga.co.uk/blog

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Delightful class at Sense Yoga tonight. Always leave feeling relaxed and revived <3 #namaste #yoga


Great class yesterday! Are there spaces left for next week by chance? Thank you!


Last year I was in an odd place with work and friends and love-life. I was making silly decisions and getting very caught up in my headspace. The yoga retreat was absolutely what I needed. I loved every single second I was there. The yoga itself was absolute first rate. I recommend Hannah’s classes to everyone I meet for good reason. She is patient, encouraging and wonderfully supportive. She pushes you to try things out without ever making you feel as though you’ve failed when you’re feet or arms won’t QUITE reach and she is so smiley and happy that she reminds you how important it is to laugh when you feel a little silly. Getting up each morning is usually the thing I hate most about my day. On retreat we were rising early, heading out to the yoga studio and excited to be doing the first class of the day. I learnt a lot on the retreat – not just from a yogini sense but also personally. I honestly think that when we live such crazy lives we barely stop to think and understand the decisions that we are making every day. Being around such wonderful people for a week in such a calm setting really put everything in perspective. I’d been doing yoga solidly with Hannah for about a year before going to the class and I have to say that the retreat is one of the best things I’ve ever done. It was never taken too seriously, never uncomfortable and always really calming. The people who went were such a lovely mix of people and it was so nice to connect with people that I wouldn’t normally ever get to meet. Most of all I have to say how wonderful Hannah is as a teacher. Not just in her classes but on retreat too. I’ve said it to Hannah myself and I’d happily say it to anyone else – When I first started I always thought I would be the fattest, most ungraceful, unladylike person in the room. It was Hannah’s class that taught me what was important and really taught me to love yoga. Now headstands are no problem, poses aren’t so tricky and my arms are stronger… There’s still poses I want to do but it’s a bit more believable now that I might get there!! Hannah’s classes and the AMAZING retreat have been to thank for that. If I can say one thing to any yogini- new or old – it would be to try it out. Hannah’s retreat was absolutely amazing and if I can I will definitely be going again. I couldn’t thank her enough for holding a retreat last year and giving me the best week of my summer and I hope that others will not be put off and jump in too!!

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I really enjoyed last night’s class I think it was my favourite so far! I liked that we did more toning around the abs area I could feel it the next day and since starting yoga I have definitely toned up. I’ll see you on Tuesday.

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It was lovely coming to the class yesterday – really enjoyed it! To get the most benefit from the classes I’d like to try and get some Yoga practice in at home during the week. The thing I was particularly struggling with was controlling my breathing whilst also concentrating on the moves! Is there anything online you could recommend I look at between now and Tuesday – just some basics that would allow me to progress in the classes? Thanks a lot again for the class – was wonderful! Best wishes, Fatima x

Reply from Hannah:  When I cannot get to a class I like to use http://www.yogamazing.com videos by Chaz. Only 20 mins and you will always find a theme to suit your mood or needs.