Past retreats…
What a great week away in Spain. Everyone accomplished something in their practice. Whether it was finding a calm mind before returning to work or mastering a head or hand stand! Everyone worked so hard in Yoga class and even harder at relaxing in between.


Marrakech April 2013:

Sitting down to a Moroccan fresh mint tea (from my window sill – not Morocco!) the late travel back doesn’t seem so bad. Had such a great retreat week in Marrakech in an unforgettable Riad with warm, welcoming, laid back and very humorous students. Morning ‘wake-up’ Yoga was followed by yummy breakfasts of fruit, omelettes baked in tagines and fresh local bread. Followed by a relax on the roof terrace or a trip through the maze to Jamilfina, the main market, and back. Discouraging eager sellers from filling the already over weight luggage with beautifully coloured, hand made goods. Lunch was usually fish with yummy Moroccan spiced side dishes, followed by ‘me time’ to digest and a late afternoon practice of restorative Yoga including meditation and/or Yoga Nidra. Dinner was time to discuss the days findings, Yoga experiences, Marrakech markets, Hammams and usually show offpurchases! :-) While window shopping through the streets you need to repeatedly remind yourself of Aparigraha, the Yama (from the Eight Limbs of Yoga) urging not to horde! Even up the Atlas Mountains, on our day off, we were met by a Moroccan department store winding up the path to a beautiful waterfall. Away from the bustle of the city’s industrious nature the Riad’s peace and tranquility was emphasised. This led to heart felt practice, meaningful meditations and floaty light Yoga Nidra.

Introducing a meditation practice everyday on retreat feels quite simple. You have a class a day which incorporates the practice and time by yourself to do more, if you should wish. Back in our home life taking 10 minutes out to sit still and just watch our breathing can seem like an uphill battle.  “When?”, “Where?”, “How!?”, “There’s too much going on in my mind to sit still!”