Detoxing doesn’t have to be hard. Just add #Yoga and #tea! #matcha #detox #news #antioxidants #calm #energy

Detoxing doesn’t have to be hard. Just add #Yoga and #tea! #matcha #detox #news #antioxidants #calm #energy

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Detoxing doesn’t have to be hard. Just add Yoga and tea!

Sense Yoga Update

Detoxing? Retoxing? Getting healthy? Need more energy? Need to de-stress? If you are thinking “yes” to any of these questions there may be an answer which isn’t too scary. Of course you all know the incredible benefits to body and mind when keeping up a regular Yoga practice but I have just added a new part to my daily routine – Matcha Green Tea. I know many of you health buffs will be sipping a cup right now giggling, but to me it is a revelation!

I have been drinking green tea since I was 13 and absolutely love it. However I had never tried Matcha until being recommend it by a naturopath in Scotland. It is super charged green tea. The leaves are slowly dried to increase chlorophyl levels and then completely ground up. So you are consuming the whole health giving leaf. Therefore you are receiving a hugely increased amount of catechins, chlorophyll, and antioxidants. Add in a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and the levels go even higher! There is caffeine in the tea however it is balanced out by the amino acid l-theanine. When coupled with caffeine l-theanine boosts mood, improves memory and reduces stress of the body and mind. It can be added to smoothies, salads and even ice cream so is easy to incorporate into your diet. Pop it on your shopping list quick!
Once finished drinking your new tea… Pop into class this week! Sarah is running the Clapham Space class on Tuesday evening full of lots of inspiration from America. Aliona will be in Brixton again after a brilliant class last week full of great energy. Details below….

New teachers and great classes!

Join Sarah and Aliona this week!!

8 Class Passes are still valid for Clapham Space and Brixton SWC classes so no excuse not to carry on the great Yoga flow you are already in. To welcome Aliona & Sarah we are offering a deal on 8 classes for £50 instead of £70 in either Clapham or Brixton! It is a fantastic offering so get involved! The offer will only be available until the 6th of April. Purchase in class with cash or by clicking links below to use Paypal or any card. You can start using these cards from tomorrow.

Aliona at Brixton SWC

Unit 11, Eurolink Centre, 49 Effra Rd, Brixton, SW2 1BZ

Wednesday Evening:
6 – 7 pm

8 Classes £50 instead of £70 for Brixton SWC!

Sarah at Clapham Space

Clapham Space, No. 1, Landor Road, Clapham, SW9 9RX

Tuesday Evening:
8.15 – 9.30 pm

8 Classes £50 instead of £70 for Clapham Space!

Hannah in Tooting

Join me me at Tooting Bec Track and Gym at 11am on the last Sunday of every month.

Members welcome or £7.50 to drop in.

To find out more information on all of us please visit our new “Teachers” page. There you will find links to information, galleries, classes and upcoming retreats.

Need a little TLC?

Download Yoga Nidra Style Relaxation 

Short clip now added. If you were thinking about the Yoga Nidra download but don’t know what it will sound like there is now a short clip to listen to on the website. The full 20 minutes of guided relaxation will help you let go of everything whirring round the mind and return to daily life with a clear, refreshed and restored mind.

Please click on the blue links for more information or to purchase. If you would rather be emailed a copy or sent the CD please just get in touch.

“I use Hannah’s Yoga Nidra often to help me wind down from a hectic day. The guided body scan connects my breath to the body and I find it much easier to relax. So much so I have trouble staying awake during the rest of the lovely visualisations! Much recommended for those who need a kind, gentle guide back to the heart and body.”Sally, Spanish Retreat Student

Yoga News!

Stories and inspiration from around the off and online world… Click the pictures or links to read full articles.

The Supported Shoulder Stand

Please try this version in class or at home. If you have discomfort in the lower neck when doing shoulder stand (or even if not) this version is for you. It will bring freedom and ease to the pose and relieve any discomfort. 

Anti-ageing Yoga!

I can never figure out the age of my teachers and regular students! Honestly! I was talking about this to some students a few weeks ago. And this article tells why. 

Utah Holi colour festival draws thousands for yoga and music!

Who’s coming next year?!

Rejuvanating Yoga Retreat

at La Pianore, Tuscany
with Aliona from Pure Flow Yoga
14th-21st June 2014

Get away from the hustle and bustle to join Aliona for a wonderful retreat in Italy this Summer!

Set in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, Le Pianore villa and organic farm is cradled between the medieval hilltop towns of Montelaterone and Monticello Amiata. Surrounded by woodlands, vineyards, olive groves and mountain streams, it is a private heaven.

Apart from two wonderful Yoga & meditation classes each day the retreat will include:

  • Comfortable bedrooms with en-suite facilities.
  • Morning and evening yoga and meditation classes.
  • Brunch and and three course dinner *.
  • Organic freshly prepared Italian food served daily with special dietary needs catered for.
  • Two fully equipped dedicated yoga studios.
  • A large swimming pool with beautiful views.
  • A guest dining area and various lounging areas  .
  •  A large array of activities to choose from : sightseeing, country walks, Roman baths/ Spa, picturesque villages to discover, art pursuits, wine tasting, or just lounging by the pool and walking in the estate.

* A light lunch can be arranged for 10 Euros

For information from the Pure Flow Yoga website click here.

To read the retreat brochure click here.

Looking forward to helping you all at home, in the studio or online this week!

With love and light,

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Clapham Space
Join us here for morning Ashtanga Vinyasa to waken up to a fresh, bright and calm day.  Or end the day with evening Ashtanga Vinyasa. The warming, stretching and strengthening aids deeper sleep and reduced stress throughout the week.

No need to book. Just drop in!

£11 (£8 conc.) Drop In
£60 for 8 Classes

Clapham Space, No. 1, Landor Road, Clapham, SW9 9RX

Tuesday Evening:
8.15 – 9.30 pm

SWC Brixton

Classes in SWC promise great energy and atmosphere.  Ashtanga based vinyasa heats the body while pranayama (breathing) clears the mind.  Diffused essential oils and chilled music fill the space to really take the mind away from day to day life.

No need to book. Just drop in!

£11 (£8 conc.) Drop In
£60 for 8 Classes

Unit 11, Eurolink Centre, 49 Effra Rd, Brixton, SW2 1BZ

Wednesday Evening:
6.00 – 7.00 pm

Private Classes

Sometimes there is just not enough time in class to cover everything. If you would like some extra help with a specific pose this can be fantastic. Or if you are a beginner still finding your Yoga feet. Click here for details.
Use the buttons below to find out more about Yoga throughout the week.

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One of Hannah's first memories is being by her mum on a Yoga mat at just 4 years old. It wasn't until the last few years of school that Hannah was reintroduced to Yoga and has been practicing, studying, fitter and a lot more chilled out ever since. In early 2011 Hannah became an RYT 200 hrs certified Yoga Teacher and has loved sharing her knowledge ever since. She enjoys practicing with essential oils and music so expect a little in class and online too! :-)